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How much does a Georgia Real Estate License cost?

How much does a Georgia Real Estate License cost?
Getting a real estate license in Georgia is going to cost a little money. But if you consider that you are entering into an entire new profession, the cost and ease of entry to getting a real estate license is not that bad. The costs associated with getting your license are the school, state testing, GCIC(criminal history report), and license cost. You will also need to take a post-license course within a year of getting your license, you will have to take 24 hours of CE every four years, and renew your license every 4 years. As far as getting and maintining your Georgia real estate license that's all. Different real estate brokerages charge different amounts depending on what they offer and commission splits.

Cost to get a Georgia real estate license: (costs are approximate)
75 hour class: $400
Criminal history report: $20
State test: $150
License activation: $65
Post license: $150 (within the first year of licensure)
CE: some classes are offered for free, and some cost money, typically $20-30 per 3 hour class.
Brokerage fees can range from free to $1000 per month. Agents starting out in business will tend to go for lower or no monthly fees, and with a company that has training, and have a lower commission split for the first few deals.

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